Multiple Teams · Elk Basketball 1/9-13/14

9th Black defeated both Centennial and Cleburne this past week. That brings their current district record to 4-. They’ve been lead by the scoring of Blake Myers and Jaxon Winburn. However the defensive end is where their games have been won, getting great defensive play from  Kayce Young and Jackson Shaha. They look to move to 5-1 as they take on Seguin next.

JV went 1-1 last, losing to Centennial in a very close game and beating Cleburne by a comfortable margin. Against Centennial their leading scorers were Iver Macaulay and Jared Johnson with 11 each. The following game against Cleburne Macauley was held out do to an ankle injury. Aden Anderson rose to the occasion scoring 14 and Casey-Ray Edwards putting in 10.

Both varsity games ended in defeat this past week pushing their district record to 2-3. Johnson lead the Elks with 13 followed by Snead with 12. Despite the loss they played with great energy and won the battle on the boards. After the loss to Centennial they hosted the Cleburne Yellow Jackets. The first half was close as the Elks went into the half up by 1. But a slow 3rd quarter put them in a hole they couldn’t climb out of. They’ll look to bounce back as they head to Seguin.