Elks News · Sample Cross Country Workouts for May and June

I would like for you to run 4 days a week and average 4 miles per run each week for 6 weeks.  This would be 24 total workouts at 4 miles per workout.  This would give you 96 miles in the bank, so run one more 4 mile run to give you an even 100 miles in your run bank.

Example Week:

Monday  do what we call a Long Run, say 5 miles at a very easy pace….very slow pace.

Tuesday go 3 miles at your best available effort.  (find a 3 mile route that is flat and you like)

Wednesday take this day off

Thursday:  Go on a 4 mile run at a medium pace….definitely not all out but not as slow as Monday’s long run.

Friday:  go on that same 4 mile run but run it as fast as you can….we call it your Best Available Effort.  BAE run.

Saturday and Sunday:  rest, no running unless you just feel the need.


Coach Curtis Enis